Having insurance cover makes good sense

For anyone working in the natural therapies and/or service industries, having insurance cover makes good business sense.

Our courses at Aromatica give you access to Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance cover – firstly as a student, then as a practitioner.

Student Insurance

From the moment you commence your studies in one of our modalities, you are automatically covered by our Student Insurance, providing you are an Australian resident:

  • $20 million in public liability insurance
  • $20 million in products liability and professional risks (aka professional indemnity) insurance

You are covered by our Student Insurance while you are undergoing your face-to-face or online training with us, and for up to 30 logged (ie. practice) sessions after your course.

Practitioner Insurance

To gain Practitioner Insurance, there are 2 more steps. You need to:

  • Complete and pass the written and/or practical assessments that are part of your course content.
  • For Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, complete 15 “logged” (ie. practice) sessions performed on at least 10 different individuals, and have them reviewed and passed by one of our instructors. For Hot Stone Massage, complete 10 “logged” sessions.

The only exception is AromaBliss Technique and ParaSET Technique, for which no logged sessions are required. When you complete your practitioner insurance requirements for Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, you are automatically covered for AromaBliss Technique and ParaSET Technique as well.

IICT Membership & Practitioner Insurance

Once these 2 steps above are completed, we issue you with a Certificate of Competence in your modality, which can be sent to IICT (the International Institute of Complementary Therapists).

We are an IICT approved training provider, so our Certificate of Competence enables you to:

  • Register with IICT as a practitioner in the modality (or modalities) listed on your Certificate of Competence, and 
  • Through IICT, access both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Practitioner Insurance for these techniques, so that both you and your clients are covered. 

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Insurance FAQ’s

That’s a question for the insurance company…however, our protocols are in place to protect you and your clients. If you deviate from the protocols we’ve given you, there is a strong possibility that you will void your insurance if something goes wrong.
No – although your student insurance does cover you for Public Liability and Professional Risks, it is specific to the technique(s) you are learning through Aromatica. You are therefore only covered while you are attending our course, and while you are performing the logged sessions which form part of your course content.
When you attend our courses, you sign an indemnity form confirming that you will use the Young Living Essential Oils in your sessions for the modalities you are learning through Aromatica. This is because of the purity and potency of this brand of essential oils, and the detailed scientific checks that Young Living undertakes to ensure there are no adulterants present in their essential oils. If you deviate from this and use another brand of essential oil, reactions may occur, and you may void your insurance cover in this instance.
A. Yes, as with most insurances, there is an excess payable on any claim. You are responsible for paying the excess on any claim involving you.
No. Once you’ve received your Certificate of Competence, your Student Insurance ceases from that date, so you need to promptly organise Practitioner Insurance.
Our Student Insurance covers you for up to 30 logged sessions. We’ve never had an instance where a student has needed to perform more than an extra 2 to 3 sessions (on top of their required 15). However, if you were an exception and did need more than 30 logged sessions, then after 30 you would no longer be covered by our Student Insurance and would need to take out your own (at your expense). To do this, you simply apply to IICT as a student practitioner, and obtain your own student insurance through their preferred insurance company, BMS.
No – because you’ve studied AromaBliss and ParaSET Technique as part of the EECT course, you only need to do 15 Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique logged sessions. This is sufficient to have you insured for all three modalities.
No – your 15 logged sessions need to be full EECT sessions, not the shorter AromaBliss Technique or ParaSET Technique sessions.