Angela Kirby

Brompton, SA

Raindrop Technique | VitaFlex Technique

For those who feel the call to engage in the inner work of self-maintenance, I offer everything from the exquisite healing of the therapeutic grade essential oils in the Raindrop Technique to the expressive emotional work provided by Transpersonal Art Therapy. I've had my private practice in health and well-being for over 20 years in South Australia. Additionally, I am available online where applicable nationally and internationally.

0417 850 748

Annie O’Loughlin

Atherton Tableland, QLD

Chakra Sutra | Hot Stone Massage | Raindrop Technique

I am a qualified Aromatherapist and love the positive effects essential oils have on myself, my family, and my friends. I love to share my experiences with others, through 1 on 1 consultations and educational oil classes, helping others to transform their lives, naturally. I'm also a Healing Touch Practitioner, Art & Colour Therapist, and a Laughter Yoga Leader.  I work with clients to assist them in gaining balance in their lives and to address underlying issues that may be holding them back from living their best life. I encourage wellness through laughter, massage, essential oils, art, colour, and energy therapies.

0407 982 002

Anthea Lewis

Townsville, Queensland

Raindrop Technique

My offerings include the incredible Raindrop Technique - a deeply relaxing aromatherapy massage, therapeutic grade essential oils, Healing Touch energy therapy, and deeply insightful colour therapy.

I am also certified to deliver a variety of Louise Hay courses, including the popular 2-day Heal Your Life workshop. I look forward to talking through how I can best support you to nurture and balance - mind, body, and spirit.

0409 484 640


Byron Bay, NSW

AromaBliss Technique | Egyptian Emotional Clearing | Hot Stone Massage | ParaSET Technique | Raindrop Technique | VitaFlex Technique

I've always loved helping people and animals, and I've explored many different bodywork and healing techniques. In 1998 I encountered therapeutic-grade essential oils. These were sooooo different to the regular essential oils I'd previously used, and the transformations they produce are nothing short of  miraculous. I travelled the world for 18 years learning about them, and now it's my privilege to teach essential oil modalities to others, and to offer private sessions through my practice in beautiful Byron Bay.

0432 788 843

Barbara Free

Mobile Service for Brisbane, Toowoomba, Chincilla, QLD

Raindrop Technique

I have been a Raindrop Technique Practitioner since 2009. My goal is to assist you in reaching the deepest state of relaxation, contributing to stress management and improved mental health. My ability to genuinely listen and support clients has empowered them to bring about positive changes in their lives. My deepest desire is for you to keep enhancing your total health and well-being. I use multiple tools and strategies to gently inspire and implement simple, effective changes in daily life and living.

0414 999 714

Bernie Porter

Newfarm, QLD

Hot Stone Massage | Raindrop Technique

My clinical practice provides a therapeutic approach to wellness through aromatherapy. A holistic approach that involves detailed consultation looking at physical, emotional, and environmental aspects of life. My offerings include Raindrop Technique, the ultimate sensory experience, Hot Stone Therapy to relax, release, and restore and Aromatherapy consultations and treatments. My vision is to educate, guide, and inspire people to take charge of their health, comfort, and well-being, supporting individuals to thrive, reclaim vitality and a true sense of self, and recreate balance in their lives.

0412 401 205

Diane Livingstone

Wilkesdale, QLD

Raindrop Technique

I have worked in the health field for 40 years, beginning as a Registered Nurse and combining natural therapies into my practice over the past 25 years. My main desire is to assist people in relieving emotional blocks that create physical health issues.

0421 519 118

Dianne Pollard

Holloways Beach, QLD

AromaBliss Technique | Canine Raindrop | Egyptian Emotional Clearing | Equine Raindrop | Raindrop Technique | VitaFlex Technique


While studying Clinical Aromatherapy I began an intense relationship with Young Living oils, and 10+ years later I'm still compelled to incorporate them into every offering, to both humans & animals! Treatments at my Holloways Beach clinic in gorgeous Cairns include remedial, myofascial, sports or Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, hot stone, reflexology, AFT, EFT & reiki, as well as those listed above. I also love to utilise the iTOVi Scanner before each session.

0413 588 091

Jen Gallagher

Caboolture, QLD

Canine Raindrop | Egyptian Emotional Clearing | ParaSET Technique | Raindrop Technique

I bring a diverse range of experiences to holistic wellness. My training in the Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, along with my qualifications in Aromatherapy and Expressive Therapies, enables me to provide effective and empowering healing experiences for you. My specialization in Vegan Consulting and Dog nutrition reflects my compassionate approach, extending to both humans and animals and embracing the interconnectedness of all beings in my transformative practices.

0401 089 233

Jennifer Duenzl

Sapphire, QLD

Raindrop Technique

After experiencing the Raindrop Technique for the first time I was so curious as to how these 9 bottles of Essential Oil could produce such a change in my being. All I could say was ‘I’ve shifted and I’m not going back’! Of course, curiosity requires discovery, so the journey began. I discovered Young Living essential oils harmonized and rebalanced body systems gently, in myself and others, with profound results. My passion is to share this with as many people as possible.

0466 156 291

Karen Davies

Prospect, SA

Raindrop Technique

In Balance with Karen is a Wellness Oasis (within my home) born out of a desire to empower every individual to take back authority over their health, their body and their life! My first love and favourite modality is Raindrop, more of an experience than a technique! I also offer The Life Alignment Technique (emotional/trauma release) and Health Coaching packages focused on stress reduction, nutritional and lifestyle changes and the health and wellbeing of the midlife woman. We also have an infrared sauna and swim spa for personal and client use. Come and experience my safe and peaceful energy field and space!

0414 582 034

Kate Jess

Northlakes, QLD

Raindrop Technique



0403 601 804

Kerry Wailes

Flowerdale & Kangaroo Ground, VIC

Raindrop Technique

I am Kerry Wailes, a natural health practitioner in Kangaroo Ground and Flowerdale, Victoria. Since having children, I have devoted my life to bringing health and well-being to others like you, to my family, and to myself. Over the past 27 years, I have received several qualifications, and extensive, in yoga teaching, massage, aromatherapy, Inspired EFT (Tapping), and natural health.

0438 777 732

Larissa Wright

Blacktown, NSW

Chakra Sutra | Hot Stone Massage | Raindrop Technique | VitaFlex Technique

I am a passionate massage and aromatherapist, focused on mind, body, and spirit healing. I massage clients throughout Sydney, particularly in Western Sunset and the Hills District.  I love Raindrop massage and Young Living oils because of their amazing effect on your emotional, energetic, and physical well-being.

0433 457 415

Lisa deBuck

Innisfail, QLD

AromaBliss Technique | Chakra Sutra | Egyptian Emotional Clearing | Raindrop Technique

I love working with my clients to help them achieve optimum health and wellness. For me, it's not just about physical well-being but also addressing emotional and spiritual aspects. I find great joy in using Young Living oils as they serve to enhance every session with their high vibration.


0439 711 364

Lisa Reesor

Paraparaumu Beach, NZ

Hot Stone Massage | Raindrop Technique

I fell in love with the Raindrop Technique when I was first introduced to it in 2018. At that point I was able to benefit family and friends. I became fully certified in 2021. Now I have the privilege of offering this amazing experience to the greater public.

021 023 15780

Margit Klammer

Port Douglas, QLD

AromaBliss Technique | Egyptian Emotional Clearing | Raindrop Technique

I'm looking forward to meeting new people in our tropical Port Douglas where the ancient Daintree Rainforest meets the precious Great Barrier Reef. And a holiday can be a great opportunity to try something new and really connect with yourself. So maybe I can meet YOU for a unique experience to pamper your body, mind, heart, and, spirit while you're on vacation. You'll definitely go away feeling like a different person. And for all the lovely local people: a Raindrop Technique or Aromabliss or Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique can feel like a mini holiday if you can't get away to relax.

0477 703 148

Michele Russo

Woree, QLD

Chakra Sutra | Hot Stone Massage | Raindrop Technique

Cairns is a beautiful place to have some quality RnR sandwiched between the Reef and The Rainforest. I work from my residence in Woree, 10mins from Cairns city. I also do bio-energy work with Healing Touch Therapy. Make a booking and experience the release of tension, pain, stuck emotions, and heal old wounds. I love my practice, helping people be a better version of themselves. Be your Radiant Essence!

0419 664 301

Natalie Mann

Cushnie, QLD

AromaBliss Technique | Chakra Sutra | Egyptian Emotional Clearing | Hot Stone Massage | Raindrop Technique | VitaFlex Technique

I have over 20 years of experience in the world of natural therapies, specialising in working with people emotionally to discover their authentic selves, enabling them to ignite their passions and reach their dreams. In addition to the qualifications above, I’m also a Remedial, Swedish, & Acupressure Massage therapist, Reiki I & II practitioner, and a Meditation, Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Instructor.

0448 689 981

Rebecca Shields

Casino, NSW

Raindrop Technique

I am passionate about God, family, essential oils, health, natural remedies, and homesteading. Being a Raindrop practitioner combines some of my passions and allows me to help others.

0429 483 734

Sarah Li-Chiang

Kellyville, NSW

Raindrop Technique


I have a passion for training, massage, energy healing, the amazing Raindrop Technique, and aromatherapy in all its many forms. I've dedicated over 20 years to the massage industry, running my remedial clinic in Kellyville, Sydney, and teaching in two major Sydney wellness colleges. My specialties include Raindrop Technique, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone and Pregnancy Massage and Chakra Balancing. My genuine passion for natural health stems from my heart and a deep desire to help people.

0412 391 018

Sharalyn Free

Clifton, QLD

Raindrop Technique

0428 973 784

Sharron Keogh

Mobile Service for West, Eastern Suburbs & Sutherland Shire region

Raindrop Technique

I help professional women transform their relationship with themselves, through offering coaching services and holistic treatments. I have distilled my methods for creating full-body wellness that actually fits the reality of women in the workforce today. And it starts with allowing myself the time and space to focus on me, so I am more able to be there for everyone else in my life.

0403 007 605

Sue Piper

Bundaberg, QLD

Egyptian Emotional Clearing

After hearing Artemis' amazing story of Oprah the Camel – who she helped heal from emotional trauma through EECT, I knew this was a modality I wanted learn. The training was truly life changing, and I am now passionate about offering this service to others from my beautiful studio space in Bundaberg, Queensland. I am also currently a student practitioner in Raindrop Technique, and I am blown away by what this modality can offer the Mind, Body & Spirit! I can’t wait to share it with you!

0409 593 656

Susan Marshall

Upper Caboolture, QLD

AromaBliss Technique | Canine Raindrop | Egyptian Emotional Clearing | Equine Raindrop | Raindrop Technique | VitaFlex Technique

Having worked with essential oils for over 20 years, I now run my own clinic in the northern suburbs of Brisbane for people and their animals. I have created practitioner and recreational versions of Canine and Equine Raindrop Technique courses through Animal Raindrop, and am proud to be one of Australia’s leading practitioners and teachers in the field of essential oils for animals.

0438 885 049

Vicki Doolan

Palmview, QLD

Egyptian Emotional Clearing

My profound personal experience during an Egyptian Emotional Clearing session ignited a deep passion within me for this practice. My primary dedication lies in providing comprehensive wellness support to women over sixty, emphasizing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. While my expertise primarily targets mature women, I extend my Egyptian Emotional Clearing sessions to women of all ages. My clients have reported a wide range of deeply moving and beautiful experiences throughout my sessions.

0409 526 982