Meet Your Instructors

  • Artemis

    Founder & Master Instructor

    AromaBliss Technique | Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique | Hot Stone Massage | Raindrop Technique | ParaSET Technique | VitaFlex Technique

    Artemis has worked in the healing and natural therapies industry for over 30 years, with many modalities under her belt including Ayurvedic Massage, Body Harmony, Bowen Technique and Reiki I & II. Her love affair with essential oils began in 1998, and she now devotes her life to helping others understand the power of essential oils. Her background in Science and her strong emotional and spiritual connection has enabled Artemis to develop world-class courses that nourish not only the mind, but also the Soul.

  • Natalie Mann

    Master Instructor

    Aroma Bliss | Chakra Sutra | Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique | Hot Stone Massage | Raindrop Technique | VitaFlex Technique

    Nat has over 20 years of experience as a Remedial, Swedish, & Acupressure Massage Therapist. In addition to qualifications in Raindrop Technique, VitaFlex Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, Nat is the founder of our Chakra Sutra course, and a Reiki I & II practitioner. She is also a Meditation, Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Instructor. Nat specialises in working with people emotionally to discover their authentic self, enabling them to ignite their passions and reach their dreams.

  • Kate Sales

    Master Instructor

    Hot Stone Massage | Raindrop Technique | VitaFlex Technique

    Kate is one of our Master Instructors based in Perth. She trains both Instructors and Practitioners in Raindrop Technique, VitaFlex Technique and Hot Stone Massage. Kate has over 15 years of experience, with qualifications in Kinesiology, Beauty Therapy and Aromatherapy. Kate has empowered many people, not only to heal themselves but also for those wishing to learn leading-edge modalities to start their own Health & Wellbeing Practice.

  • Susan Marshall

    Master Instructor

    Canine Raindrop | Equine Raindrop | Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique | AromaBliss Technique | Raindrop Technique | VitaFlex Technique

    Having worked with essential oils for over 20 years, Susan runs her own Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique Practice in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, and offers these techniques for both people and their animals. Susan is regarded as one of Australia’s leading practitioners and teachers in the field of essential oils for animals, and founder of Animal Raindrop. She has created and teaches both practitioner and recreational versions of Canine and Equine Raindrop Technique courses through Animal Raindrop.

  • Jennifer Lyddiard

    Senior Instructor

    Hot Stone Massage | Raindrop Technique | VitaFlex Technique 

    After a number of years in the pharmaceutical industry, Jennifer traded hats for a career in Aromatherapy and Micro-Current Facials. She has her own Practice in NSW where she focuses on working with families that need help managing stress, sleep problems, anxiety and depression, children with behavioural challenges, and people suffering from PTSD. Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge and is a fantastic educator, able share from the worlds of both science and nature.

  • Lisa deBuck


    Chakra Sutra | Egyptian Emotional Clearing | Raindrop Technique | Hot Stone Massage

    Lisa is our newest Raindrop Technique Level 1 instructor. She has a background in Primary School Teaching and loves working with adults and children alike. She fell in love with therapeutic-grade essential oils almost 8 years ago after seeing the effects these oils had on her family. She is passionate about sharing the experience with others, to help transform their lives and gain balance on all levels… physical, emotional, and mental. Lisa is also a Healing Touch practitioner.

Meet your Student Support Team

  • Sophie stokes

    Course Coordinator

    0455 888 262

    Sophie believes that a nurturing and heart-based learning experience is essential to unlocking our potential. She’s here to provide you with all the support, guidance and resources you need to thrive during your educational journey with Aromatica, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need assistance!

    When she’s not planning your courses, she’s also a passionate Yoga instructor, trainee Counsellor and enthusiastic oiler, with a fascination for the intricate connection between the body, mind and spirit in the journey towards healing and self-discovery.

  • CLEY Zambrano

    Student Support

    0428 077 510 (text only)

    Cley’s purpose is all about spreading positivity with her threefold mission in life: educate, motivate, and influence!

    You’ll find her working hard behind the scenes here at Aromatica, making sure that everything runs smoothly for your courses. Whether she’s wearing her student support hat at Aromatica or working as a Financial Life Planner in her spare time, she absolutely LOVES helping people navigate life through meaningful conversations.