What is Aromatica?

We are the world’s leading training organisation in essential oil modalities, with a mission to transform the lives of both people and animals.

We do this through our zone of genius, which is creating, promoting and delivering world-class courses that emphasize the safe and effective use of essential oils in both people and animals.

This is how we empower our students with the knowledge and skills to enhance not only their own wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of others.

We are a Premier Training Provider for the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT), which means that our students can access membership and insurance in over 35 countries.

Our values

  1. We care about people, animals and nature
  2. We are passionate about essential oils, and understand that quality is paramount
  3. We are dedicated to providing world-class education, with a strong emphasis on technique, efficacy and safety
  4. Our courses are visionary, creative and innovative
  5. Our trainers demonstrate professional and conscious leadership (or conscious and humble leadership) that inspires trust
  6. We support each student to reach their highest potential
  7. We empower practitioners to grow successful and impactful practices in their chosen modality
  8. We empower individuals to change the lives of those they love, both human and animal
  9. We show people how to leverage the Young Living opportunity through their modality, to live a life of wellness, purpose and abundance
  10. We aspire to excellence in everything we do
  11. We view every challenge as an opportunity for growth and refinement
  12. We communicate with honesty and sincerity, treating others with respect
  13. We strive each day to be the world’s most well-respected and influential training platform for essential oil modalities, and to make a meaningful impact in the lives of people and animals

About our Founder, Artemis

Artemis has worked for over 30 years in the healing and natural therapies arena, combining her background in Science with her love of the unexplainable “mystery” that is healing. She has been featured on Australian national radio and was a regular columnist for Australia’s “Nature & Health” magazine.

Artemis’s love affair with essential oils began in 1998, and has led her to travel the globe learning from a wide variety of essential oil experts, including the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, D. Gary Young. Her innovative work on dogs using the unique essential oil modality called Raindrop Technique was the focus of a feature article in the Nov/Dec 2003 Dog’s Life Magazine.

Artemis now devotes her life to teaching others about the power of essential oils, and how these powerful and little-understood substances can transform the lives of people and animals on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Artemis’s courses have inspired and delighted tens of thousands of people worldwide. In her spare time, she volunteers as a wildlife rescuer, helping animals in need.

“Essential oils are the closest thing to God that exists on our planet”

– D. Gary Young

It began with a visionary farmer…

D. Gary Young was a farmer, a naturopath and a visionary. After being paralysed in a logging accident at the age of 24, Gary used natural therapies to regain his ability to walk. He first encountered “real” essential oils when he was working in his Natural Therapies Clinic in Mexico. He quickly realised there’s a vast difference between the high-quality oils he was sourcing from Europe, and the highly adulterated and often synthetic ones found in the American market.

Seeing the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils first-hand, Gary formed a vision – to grow and produce the highest quality essential oils available on our Planet, and to bring these into every home in the world.

His company Young Living Essential Oils was born in 1994. They have grown from a single lavender farm in the wilderness of Idaho, to the largest producer of therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil-infused products in the world today.

This giant of a man passed away in 2018, however his legacy lives on. His company continues to be run by his wife Mary, and his sons Jacob and Josef.

As a company Young Living produces over 250 essential oils and blends, and an extensive range of oil-infused household products, skin care and supplements – including ranges for babies, children, men and animals. Gary always taught about the importance of eliminating synthetic and toxic chemicals from our life, so the Young Living range of products are clean and green.

It’s the Young Living oils that we use in each of our modalities, because of the care that goes into producing them, and their unique “Seed to Seal” quality. They are indeed the gold standard in essential oil production around the globe, and we trust their oils. This is also our way of honouring the amazing man whose inspiration sits behind our many modalities.

“Young Living is a company founded on miracles, teaching the world that there’s a better way through God’s bottles of essential oils”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Birthplace of our
Unique Modalities

Gary loved learning, and he loved using his unique experiences and higher knowledge to create tools that would help people in their day to day lives.

After learning Vita Flex technique from its founder Stanley Burroughs, in 1990 Gary went on to have a dream where he saw a unique modality being performed. It incorporated Vita Flex Technique with Native American energy principles and various massage steps.

He called this modality Raindrop Technique, and this unique modality has helped hundreds of thousands of people and animals around the world. It is truly a Master Technique, and always will be our signature modality at Aromatica, being the first modality we ever taught.

Then in 1991, during his first ever trip to Egypt, Gary visited the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae. There, one of the guards approached him and beckoned him to follow, saying, “I know what you came here to see.” He led Gary up a set of stairs and into an open area on the roof, where there was a room with no door. The sunlight was illuminating hieroglyphs on the wall.

Gary photographed and videoed these hieroglyphs, and had them deciphered by Dr. Radwan Farag and his team at the University of Cairo. It turns out these hieroglyphs depicted an ancient anointing ritual using essential oils, which was used by the Pharaohs, Priests and Priestesses.

It was this experience which inspired him to create a series of essential oil blends whose sole purpose is to help transform emotions. From this, Gary then created a simple anointing ritual called the emotional clearing technique, using these essential oil blends.

It was the emotional clearing technique and Gary’s broader experiences in the Temple of Isis which formed the inspiration behind our other signature modality, the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique.

The hieroglyphs in the Temple of Isis also inspired Gary to create the “Valor Balance” – an energy balancing step using his essential oil blend called “Valor”. The Valor Balance was then incorporated as the first step of Raindrop Technique, as a way of supporting the body to deeply relax, so that all the subsequent steps could be even more effective. We also use the Valor Balance as our first step of Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique.

The next unique modality that Gary created was called Neuro Auricular Technique. It uses a glass probe to work gently between the vertebrae of the spine with a series of essential oils. He was living in Ecuador at the time, and had just set up the Nova Vita Health & Wellness Center, where he had a team of therapists offering Raindrop Technique and Emotional Clearing Technique. Neuro Auricular Technique sits beautifully “between” these other two modalities, incorporating both physical and emotional benefits.

Gary often attributed his modalities to divine inspiration – he would wake at 2am and be “shown” the modality, which he would then go on to practice and teach.

Aromatica – our roots & core

1100 people from all around the world flew into Dallas in January 2000 to attend a 4 day training with D. Gary Young, the Founder of both Raindrop Technique and Young Living Essential Oils.

This was where our founder Artemis first learned 3 unique essential oil-based modalities – Raindrop Technique, Vita Flex Technique and Emotional Clearing Technique.

She brought these techniques back to Australia and incorporated them into her Natural Therapies Practice. Artemis was so astounded by the results she was having with these essential oil modalities, that she moved her focus over to them and began teaching them to others in 2001.

In 2006, Artemis set up our college under the name of “Raindrop Australia”. This was rebranded in 2022 as “Aromatica”. Under the umbrella of Raindrop Australia, she developed the first practitioner version of Raindrop Technique in Australia, allowing students to gain insurance cover for performing this technique.

An invitation to Ecuador

In recognition of Artemis’s work with Raindrop Technique, she was one of only 6 instructors globally to be invited by D. Gary Young to a Raindrop Technique Teacher’s Training in Ecuador in May 2007.

As a result of that training, Artemis was awarded the prestigious Instructor’s Certificate in Raindrop Technique, and went on to update our practitioner course to incorporate the many in-depth tips she learned during that training with Gary Young. This is what makes our course truly unique.

Artemis then went on to develop our Vita Flex Technique practitioner course (based on the techniques she had learned in 2000 in Dallas), and in 2009 she took Gary’s simple Emotional Clearing Technique and transformed it into our Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique practitioner course.

Artemis was also privileged to study Neuro Auricular Technique with D. Gary Young in Ecuador as he developed this technique, and to work in the Nova Vita Health & Wellness Center in Ecuador performing that technique on its clients. She is very excited to bring this amazing modality into a practitioner course in 2023.

Our Legacy Grows…

In May 2019, Artemis passed the management of our college to her protege Nat Mann. 2020 saw the release of four new practitioner modalites, two of which (Hot Stone Massage & Chakra Sutra) can now be completed solely online.

In July 2022, Artemis approached Nat with an exciting idea – to rebrand Raindrop Australia as Aromatica, a world-class hub for essential oil modalities. With the rebranding and enhanced vision in place, Nat and Artemis agreed it was time for our college to once more “come home” under Artemis’s wings, with Nat staying on as a Master Instructor.

We are now excited to bring even more modalities under the Aromatica umbrella – including Neuro Auricular Technique (ETA 2025). Our vision is to continue offering courses both in a live and online setting, so stay tuned for more exciting content, allowing an international market to be reached by our students in setting up their natural therapies business.

Our instructors are professionals who love teaching others about the power of essential oils and intuition.

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