Canine Raindrop Technique


Originally created for people with back tension, this amazing aromatherapy massage has been found to help dogs, horses and other animals too!

Incorporating energy balancing, Tibetan reflexology, therapeutic-grade essential oils and massage, Raindrop Technique is a transformational tool that brings balance to all systems of the body.

Whether your dog is in need of physical or emotional support, Canine Raindrop Technique is a “must!”.

Who is it for?

Canine Raindrop Technique is so much more than a massage. It targets your dog’s paws, hind legs, back and spine with a unique combination of ancient and modern bodywork and massage techniques, combined with the pure life-force of therapeutic-grade essential oils. It’s perfectly suited to any dog that is:

  • Experiencing deep-seated physical or emotional tension
  • Dealing with any type of muscular tension in their neck/back
  • Recovering from injury, illness or loss
  • Wanting to stay in peak physical condition for performance
  • Requiring a unique technique that intelligently targets the body’s needs
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What is Canine Raindrop Technique?

Canine Raindrop Technique is a unique modality that comprises 3 steps, each unlocking a new, amazing experience for your dog’s health and wellbeing:

Step 1 – The Valor Balance:

This energy balancing step uses the essential oil blend “Valor” to create deep relaxation. This blend inspires courage, strength and confidence. It has the same frequency as the skeleton, so it instructs the muscles to let go and the spine to sit in its perfectly balanced position.

Step 2 – VitaFlex Technique:

In Step 2, VitaFlex Technique (ancient Tibetan reflexology) is performed from the paws to the ankles on each of the hind legs. Seven different essential oils are applied to your dog’s legs during this step.

Designed to balance and energise the physical spine via its reflex points in the feet, VitaFlex Technique employs a rhythmic rolling movement, very different to Western Reflexology. Most dogs find this step extremely relaxing.

Step 3 – Oils “Raindropped” on the Spine, Feathered in & Massaged:

Nine different essential oils and blends are dripped along the dog’s spine and “feathered in” using soft fanning movement of the practitioner’s hands. Each feathering stroke draws the oil up the spine to the organs of the body, invigorating the whole body.

The oils and feathering are interspersed with a variety of massage steps, which loosen the muscles along the back, release tension, promote relaxation and encourage healthy detox, thus bringing all the benefits of a great massage to the physical body.


Most essential oils on the market today contain synthetic ingredients and other adulterants, even if they are labelled 100% pure. These ingredients are toxic to the liver, and not recommended to be used on the body. So to answer the question “Are essential oils safe for dogs?”, it’s important to talk about quality. The essential oils used in Canine Raindrop Technique are guaranteed to be:

  • Therapeutic-grade. This means they are produced with low temperature, low pressure steam distillation in order to retain all the potent natural chemicals from the plant. The result is an essential oil that produces outstanding results, at the same time being gentle on the body.
  • Produced without any chemicals, including during the growing and distilling process. The essential oils we use in Canine Raindrop Technique are “beyond organic” standards, and free of all adulterants.
  • Every batch of essential oils is run through 15 tests, 3 times before bottling and 3 times after bottling. That’s 90 tests in total, to ensure that what is in the bottle is pure, unadulterated and safe for you and your animals.

Dogs respond to essential oils the same as any person. They are individuals, and some love the smell, some don’t. How you introduce a dog to essential oils is important, to ensure a positive association that will allow Canine Raindrop Technique to be something your dog loves to receive.

There are certain safety precautions to be aware of, especially when working on dogs that are young, elderly, or with compromised health. Our practitioners are skilled in understanding which oils to avoid or use with caution in specific situations, such as with a pregnant dog, and how to adjust the potency of their Canine Raindrop Technique to match the needs and health history of each dog.


What our dog owners say…

Learn Canine Raindrop Technique

You’ll love giving this technique as much as you love watching the bliss on a dog’s face when they receive it.

Learning Canine Raindrop Technique is a great way to help your own and other people’s dogs to achieve both physical and energetic/emotional transformation. The shifts that can occur during this technique are unexpected and impactful, and that’s why we refer to Raindrop Technique as a Master Technique.

No matter what is going on, Canine Raindrop Technique has something powerful to offer.

Whether you want to perform this technique on your own dogs or offer the technique professionally, this course is a must.

And because this is a practitioner course (incorporating a written and practical assessment), at the successful completion of the course you are able to gain insurance cover for performing Canine Raindrop Technique.

The Canine Raindrop Technique course is run as a 3 day non-residential retreat in various locations around Australia.


What is unique about Canine Raindrop Training:

  • Qualified: The course is created by Susan Marshall, who holds a practitioner certificate in Raindrop Technique through Aromatica. Susan is a dog lover, who has a passion for pet minding and who worked for many years as a foster carer for Pugs SOS. Her rescue dogs have benefited greatly from regular Canine Raindrop Techniques. 
  • Detailed: Susan has created the Canine Raindrop Technique courses so that they precisely mirror how Raindrop Technique is performed on a person, honouring the original teachings in Raindrop Technique from its founder, Gary Young.
  • Precise: Learn the precision of how to perform each step of Raindrop Technique, in the way that Gary instructed his teachers. This is much more detailed than what Gary taught in his regular distributor trainings.
  • Personalised: Susan takes a maximum of 12 students in an Animal Raindrop class, to ensure that you receive personalised attention throughout the class.
  • Unique: Susan presents from her wealth of knowledge in the field of Canine Raindrop Technique, and how it helps the physical body and emotions.
  • Hands-on: Susan is committed to helping you perfect your technique, and this takes practise. In addition to learning about the power of this technique, you will give several Canine Raindrop Techniques at the in-person component of your course, where Susan will supervise every one of your movements, in order to provide you with detailed feedback and support. You can expect to have a high level of mastery of Canine Raindrop Technique by the time you have completed your course.
  • Safe: Learn how to use a client history form to tailor your Raindrop Technique to each dog, and to be aware of key safety applications (such as oils to avoid if a dog is pregnant, on blood thinning medication, has high blood pressure, has epilepsy, or is elderly). You will learn how to reduce the potency of Canine Raindrop Technique so that the quantity of essential oils used is appropriate to the size, breed, health and age of your dog. This is one of the only courses worldwide to each you this level of safety information.
  • Professional: Receive detailed notes explaining every aspect of the theory and practical technique.
  • Student Insurance: When you attend your Canine Raindrop Technique training, you are covered by Animal Raindrop’s student insurance. This will cover you both during course hours, and for up to 30 practice sessions after the course.
  • Practitioner Insurance: After completing your course and the written and practical assessments, you are eligible for insurance cover for performing Canine Raindrop Technique, even if you are not an existing massage therapist. So if you love this technique, the Canine Raindrop Technique course enables you to take this into a Professional Practice.

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