Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique

“The beauty of this technique
moved them to tears….”

Inspired by an Ancient Egyptian ritual used by the Pharaohs, the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique uses the power of essential oils to carry you on an inner vision quest, into a heightened state of meditation and mental clarity.

Who is it for?

This is a beautiful technique, that our world needs more than ever right now. It’s perfectly suited to anyone who is:

  • Dealing with grief and loss
  • Have an important decision to make
  • Recovering from a traumatic event
  • Emotional and/or experiencing relationship challenges
  • Wanting to activate your spiritual connection

This sacred technique is both gentle yet powerful. It reconnects you to your innate wisdom, through the use of specific essential oil blends that support emotional transformation, combined with subtle energy work and clearing. The experience is like an inner vision quest, or a heightened state of meditation and mental clarity.


What’s Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique?

Imagine what it feels like to be truly heard and “given to”, in a way that is honouring and deeply present. That is the foundation of the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique (EECT).

Your session begins with a special aromatic water ceremony, to open the sacred space. Using a variety of creative tools and honest (and confidential) conversation with your practitioner, you’ll explore the topics you want to transform, and arrive at a clear intention for your session.

This is followed by a sacred anointing process, performed in silence and reverence. 14 different emotional blends of essential oil are used – blends like Joy, Inner Child, Release, Hope and Forgiveness – intertwined with gentle reiki, body harmony, chakra balancing and/or subtle energy work.

As each blend lands onto your body like drops of rain and is gently circled in, it leads you into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation and presence. The beautiful aroma of these essential oils works on the limbic region of the brain (the subconscious) to stimulate memories and emotions.

This transports you on an inner vision quest to reconnect with your inner wisdom, and to gently release issues that are causing emotional challenges.

Most commonly, recipients feel an intense state of bliss, ecstasy and “re-connection” as they receive an Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique. However, it is always possible for painful memories and emotions to surface during a session. If this happens, your practitioner will hold a safe space for you to connect with these emotions and feel them, so that they can be resolved and released.

The end result is a state of heightened peace, presence and mental clarity, where thoughts and feelings that were previously holding you back have been released and resolved.

Because the limbic region of the brain is also the centre of spiritual awakening, the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique can also open many doorways for the spiritual traveller. Want to know more? Check out our article on page 30 of the January 2024 issue of Supernal Magazine, and the video interview on page 35!!! 

Why Egyptian?

The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is based on an ancient Egyptian ritual described in the Temple of Isis for “cleansing the Spirit”. This ritual involved anointing the body with essential oils, and it was captured in detail using hieroglyphs on the wall of a secret chamber in the Temple of Isis.

This ritual was used by Pharaohs and other High Initiates before their death, and also by Priests and Priestesses before moving to a higher level of Priesthood. The purpose of the ritual was to release “evil deities” from the body, to enable the Soul to move to a higher state of purity and consciousness. In today’s world, we would refer to these evil deities as negative emotions – hence the name “Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique”.

What our students say…

“This modality is out of this world…..”

Learn Egyptian Emotional
Clearing Technique

Learning Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is a beautiful and intuitive way to help yourself, your loved ones and clients to reconnect with their inner self, and gently release issues that are causing emotional challenges. The shifts that can occur during this technique are truly profound.

Whether you want to perform this exquisite technique on your family and friends, or offer the technique professionally, or whether you want to simply learn more about how to use therapeutic-grade essential oils, this course is a must.

And because this is a practitioner course (incorporating a written and practical assessment), at the successful completion of all the course you are able to gain insurance cover for performing Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, AromaBliss Technique and the ParaSET Technique professionally. That’s right – three modalities, for the price of one!

AromaBliss Technique and the ParaSET Technique are both taught as part of the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique course. This is run as a 7 day residential retreat. When it’s held in Byron Bay (our usual venue), you have the blessing of staying on-site in our 5 star mansion set amidst nature. In addition to check in and check out day, there are 5 full days of teaching, and a day of play.


The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique brings a whole new way of transforming emotions, embedded in a beautiful and honouring aromatic ritual.

When our past participants are contacting me, they are so excited by their outstanding results with the technique. The course itself is a complete training in the technique, and in how to work intuitively with essential oils and bodywork…..yet as the course has unfolded, I’ve been taken by surprise at the deep and life-changing journeys that have unfolded for each participant.

Where I was thinking this was a course for teaching how to perform this technique, I’ve realised that it offers so much more. This course allows participants to journey into their own depths, to achieve resolutions and heart-felt awakening in their own life, and to release patterns and wounds that have been holding them back.

“It’s among the most profound personal development courses I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.”

– Artemis, Founder of EECT

What you will learn in the course

Practical Elements

  • Learn to see, feel and read auras (the energy field around the body), and witness for yourself the profound effect that essential oils make on the human aura.
  • Have fun with Art Therapy – discover the power of drawing a tree!
  • Utilise Carolyn Mein’s book “Releasing Emotional Patterns using Essential Oils” to discover more about your emotional “blind spots”.
  • Discover how to create a sacred space for healing work, and how to use your “intent” and specific essential oils for energy clearing and grounding.
  • Detect energy blocks in the body and learn how to clear them with essential oils.
  • Discover the many ways that your intuition manifests (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, prophetic), and learn simple tools for accessing each of these areas.
  • Learn how to trust your intuition, combining it into your work with essential oils so that you may help others with your gifts.
  • Experience Body Harmony, a beautiful and gentle hands-on technique involving conscious touch.
  • Fall in love with Valor essential oil blend, and learn 3 “mini” techniques for balancing the emotions and aura, including AromaBliss Technique. You can use these techniques at festivals and in your promotion of essential oils, or incorporate them into any other modalities you have studied. AromaBliss Technique can also be performed as a full Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique.
  • Discover the principles of hands-on-healing, and learn 2 unique bodywork techniques for use in Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique.
  • Experience the profound relaxation of the Brazilian Toe Hold
  • Learn how to unravel sabotage patterns with a simple set of questions.
  • Give and receive the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique (utilizing all of the skills you have learned above). Our aim is for you to have a truly profound experience in this section of the course.
  • Learn AromaBliss Technique and the ParaSET Technique. These are very similar to Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, but use different oils on different locations in the body.
  • Deepen your skills and your confidence at our Student Clinic, where you perform this beautiful technique on someone you’ve never met before.

Theoretical Elements

  • An in-depth exploration of the therapeutic-grade essential oils used in Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique (their physical, emotional and spiritual applications).
  • Learn the history, core principles and emotional benefits of the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, AromaBliss Technique and ParaSET Technique.
  • Discover how to work with a client history form, and how to check for specific safety protocols important to the use of essential oils.
  • See before and after pics of live blood analysis and aura photographs, showing the benefits of this amazing technique.
  • Learn to support others in their emotional journey, using the EECT.
  • Receive written feedback from your Instructor after the class, acknowledging your unique gifts that you bring to your sessions, and offering tips and suggestions on how to empower your technique and its results even further.


Gaining Practitioner Insurance

You are covered by Aromatica’s Student Insurance while you are attending the EECT course, and for up to 30 logged (ie. practice) sessions after your course.

Once you have completed and passed the full EECT course (including all written and practical assessments and 15 logged sessions for EECT), you receive a Certificate of Competence in EECT and AromaBliss Technique and ParaSET Technique.

Our Certificate of Competence is recognised by IICT (the International Institute of Complementary Therapists). This enables you to:

  • Register with IICT as an Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique and AromaBliss Technique and ParaSET Technique practitioner, and
  • To access both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Practitioner Insurance for these three techniques, so that both you and your clients are covered.Click here to read more about our practitioner insurance.

Click here to read more about our practitioner insurance.