What’s the fuss about essential oil quality?


At Aromatica, all of our modalities involve the use of high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Essential oils are so much more than a pretty smell. They are potent compounds from a plant, which impact us (and our animals) physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Each essential oil comprises hundreds of natural plant compounds, which act in perfect synergy. They’ve evolved in the plant to help it fight disease and infection, deter animals from eating leaves, and to attract insects and other animals for pollination.

We call this combination of constituents the “fingerprint” of the essential oil. Most essential oils are produced to the standards set by the perfume industry. This ensures a beautiful aroma, but it’s not designed to capture the entire fingerprint of the essential oil.

To capture that entire fingerprint requires many additional steps, and it’s why we exclusively use the Young Living essential oils in all of our modalities.

After all, when you’re seeing one of our practitioners for a treatment, you deserve the best!

Young Living uses proprietary growing and distillation processes to ensure the complete fingerprint of the essential oil is captured in the bottle.


No chemicals are used at any point in the growing and distillation process, making their oils “beyond organic” in their standards. And every batch of essential oils is run through 15 state-of-the-art tests – 3 times before bottles, and 3 times after bottling. That’s 90 tests in total. The oil needs to pass these tests for it to be released for sale.

Naturally their essential oils are more expensive than other brands. There’s a lot more that goes into making them. But the quality is reflected in their results.

For example, Cypress oil (which is one of the oils used in Raindrop Technique), is typically distilled for 2 to 3 hours by other producers. But Young Living distils their Cypress oil for 24 hours, not 2 to 3. That’s because in the last 20 minutes of distillation, 18 key active constituents come out. If you distil for 23.5 hours, you miss these.

Who knows what magic and power these 18 additional constituents bring to our body?


It does mean that other brands can complete many batches of distillation of Cypress oil in the time that it takes Young Living to complete one batch….so it’s understandable that the Young Living essential oils will be a premium brand, aimed at people who want their essential oils to work with all the power that nature intended, and understand that you get what you pay for.

When you’re sourcing essential oils, you’re either buying for smell, or you’re buying for efficacy. And efficacy goes hand in hand with depth. So just like smelling a fine wine, when you smell a Young Living essential oil, you will find that it has a body and depth that’s unparalleled.…and that’s because it retains all these extra constituents by capturing the entire fingerprint of the essential oil in the plant.


So next time you’re thinking about buying essential oils or oil-infused products for home or business use, put Young Living on your radar. Any of our practitioners can assist you with setting up a wholesale account, or you’re welcome to contact us directly.

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