VitaFlex Technique

“This is SO amazing,the whole world
needs to know about it!!!”

Vitaflex Technique uses a unique rolling motion of the practitioner’s fingers over specific reflex points in the body, to bring harmony and balance to the entire body and energy field. To say it’s relaxing is an understatement!

Whilst it’s natural for certain alarm (reflex) points to be more tender than others depending on what’s happening along that energy channel, the full VitaFlex Technique restores the body to its natural energy and alignment in a way that is so deeply relaxing.

It’s the ultimate pamper for mind, Body and Spirit, made all the more uplifting with the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils tailored to your unique needs!

Who is it for?

VitaFlex Technique is an ancient Tibetan form of Reflexology, which was brought to the West in 1928 by well-known spiritual healer Stanley Burroughs.

In his book “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment” Stanley says that “Its beauty is that it works on the entire body and it’s so simple – it does no damage, people can learn it themselves, and treat themselves.”

VitaFlex Technique is deeply relaxing and helps to effortlessly re-align the body. For this reason, it’s the perfect modality for anyone who is looking to:

  • Relax and re-balance their body
  • Bring their atlas and sacral area into communication and alignment
  • Use VitaFlex Technique on specific points to release migraines and headaches
  • Pamper themselves with an amazing VitaFlex head massage
  • Release tension in the ear canals, in order to optimise hearing

As with Raindrop Technique, the effects of VitaFlex Technique can be felt through every system of the body, as it works its magic physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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What is VitaFlex Technique?

VitaFlex Technique is a gentle yet powerful technique that derives its name from “VITAlity through the reFLEXes”. Like reflexology, it works on the concept that the feet and hands map the entire body. By working on specific reflex points, we can in turn affect and support other parts of the body.

In VitaFlex Technique, there are 5000 different reflex points in the body. A unique and rhythmic rolling movement of the fingers is used to stimulate these reflex points (distinctly different to the rubbing motion used in Western Reflexology). The gentle pressure caused by this movement generates a piezo-electric pulse – a form of electricity – which travels along energy pathways to the corresponding part of the body.

When you study VitaFlex Technique through Aromatica, or you experience it with one of our trained practitioners, essential oils will be chosen to complement some of the areas where reflex points are being stimulated. Specific oils are chosen for their deeply relaxing effects, and for their frequencies that resonate with different parts of the body.

The technique is usually performed in silence, giving you the opportunity to sink into a deep state of relaxation and inner connection. Many people drift off to sleep when they receive VitaFlex Technique, aided by the relaxing effects of the essential oils.

In Raindrop Technique, we use just a small portion of a full VitaFlex Technique, ie. we work up the spine of the foot (corresponding to the physical spine of the body). The full VitaFlex Technique focuses on reflex points on the knees, legs, ankles and tops and bottoms of the feet, including the “spinal” reflex. It is designed to access every system of the body (including liver, heart, sinuses, intestine, hormones and more). Additional points on the arms, shoulders, scalp, forehead and palms may also be stimulated.

VitaFlex Technique allows the entire body to be supported through the balancing and soothing effects of the piezo-electric pulse, combined with therapeutic-grade essential oils.

What our students love about VitaFlex Technique…

Learn VitaFlex Technique

Learning VitaFlex Technique is a great way to assist your loved ones and clients, even when you don’t have your essential oils on hand. Each of the movements is a stand-alone technique, targeting a particular system of the body. So when someone is in need, you have the tools in your toolkit to help them.

The complete VitaFlex Technique can be use as part of a Raindrop Technique, or as a stand-alone modality.

Whether you want to perform these techniques on your family and friends, or offer the technique professionally, this course is a must.

And because this is a practitioner course (incorporating a practical assessment), at the successful completion of the course you are able to gain insurance cover for performing VitaFlex Technique professionally.

The VitaFlex MasterClass is run as a 2 day non-residential retreat in various locations around Australia.

What we cover in our
VitaFlex Technique MasterClass:

  • Learn the Full VitaFlex Technique for the legs and feet…this is a treatment in its own right, and takes about an hour to perform (with or without oils). It works from the knees to the feet, and over the entire organ system of the feet.
  • Learn how to perform the Auricular VitaFlex Technique (a method performed inside the ear, and designed to support people with tinnitus and other hearing problems)
  • Learn the amazing Scalp VitaFlex…a blissful way to complete any type of massage, Hot Stone Massage or Raindrop Technique session.
  • Discover the Atlas VitaFlex Move….a simple VitaFlex move performed in the collarbone region, in order to bring balance to the Atlas (the top vertebra of the neck). You’ll be amazed at what results you can have with this single movement.
  • Learn the powerful “Heart VitaFlex” – a VitaFlex movement on the heart points of the hands and arm.
  • Discover how to support the thyroid and parathyroid gland when you are using VitaFlex on the feet during your Raindrop Technique sessions.
  • Learn the fabulous Foot Lymphatic Pump (an alternative to the Finger Pull step of Raindrop Technique)
  • Learn how to perform the Neck Stretch (a valuable add-on to Raindrop Technique, which can be included at the end of the session)
  • Learn the Headache VitaFlex Moves…even without essential oils, this gives you a fabulous and very simple tool to ease headaches and migraines using specific pressure points on the hands and arms
  • Learn how to deepen your Valor Balance, to create an “Extended Valor Balance” with the inclusion of emotional oil blends
  • Practitioner Insurance: After completing your VitaFlex MasterClass and submitting 10 logged sessions, you are eligible for insurance cover for performing the full VitaFlex Technique, and all of its companion moves. So if you love this technique, our course enables you to take this into a Professional Practice.

“I first encountered the work of Stanley Burroughs (the founder of VitaFlex Technique) over 20 years ago. He was a truly gifted healer and channeller, and many of the concepts he taught about almost 100 years ago hold as true for us today as they did then. I particularly love the wide variety of quick and easy VitaFlex moves, which take a mere 5 minutes to perform, but which can change someone’s life in that short space of time. His pressure point massage for migraines and headaches is a game changer! And that’s just one of a whole treasure chest of techniques!”

– Artemis, Founder of Aromatica

What you will learn in the course

Practical Elements

  • Gain practise giving and receiving each of the VitaFlex movements listed above, so that you can feel confident in your skills.
  • Learn how to incorporate essential oils in with each of these movements – which oils are best suited to the movements, and why? 
  • Deepen your skills and your confidence at our Student Clinic, where you perform some of these VitaFlex movements on someone you’ve never met before.

Theoretical Elements

  • Learn the history, core principles and benefits of VitaFlex Technique
  • Discover how to adapt your client history form to VitaFlex Technique, and how to check for specific safety protocols important to the use of essential oils and massage.
  • Learn about the Master Cleanse, as created by Stanley Burroughs, the founder of VitaFlex Technique.
  • Receive written feedback from your Instructor, acknowledging your unique gifts that you bring to your sessions, and offering tips and suggestions on how to empower your technique and its results even further.

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