AromaBliss Technique

“A blissful way to transform emotions”

AromaBliss Technique is true to its name. You will very likely bliss out during your session. You may fall asleep, with the deeply relaxing effects of the oils…..or you might have things pop into your mind that you haven’t thought of in years. You could find your mind drawn to current concerns, and find new perspectives on those. And yes, emotions may also surface – this includes sorrow, anger, joy and ecstasy.

It’s a wondrous and powerful experience, where a lot of synchronicities can occur.

Who is it for?

AromaBliss Technique is perfectly suited to anyone who is:

  • Needing “time out” from life’s challenges
  • Yearning to reconnect with their Spirit and joy
  • Ready to close the chapter on past hurts and step into a new future
  • Wanting to make a decision from an empowered and clear state
  • Showering love on themselves in the face of a major life event

The experience is like a candle being lit in the heart, that lifts us into a sublime and ecstatic state of inner connection.

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What is AromaBliss Technique?

Time to Bliss Out!

In the early 90’s, Gary Young (the founder of Young LivingEssential Oils) was privileged to be able to film and photograph hieroglyphs along the walls of a special room in the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae (in Egypt). These were translated at the University of Cairo, and depicted an ancient anointing ritual involving essential oils, that the Pharaohs, Priests and Priestesses of Egypt used to elevate their consciousness and release their emotional demons.

Gary went on to create a range of essential oil blends to target emotions, and he combined some of these into a simple anointing technique which he called “emotional clearing technique”.

Aromatica’s founder Artemis learned this technique from Gary in 2000, and used it as the inspiration to create a beautiful modality that combines essential oils, anointing, energy work and intention. This modality incorporates many of the Egyptian elements as described in those hieroglyphs, and Artemis named it the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique (EECT).

It uses essential oil blends that target every aspect of our emotional experience, drawing us wherever we need to go within a session.

However, there are many other essential oils and blends that target emotions and spirit, which are not part of the EECT collection of oil blends.

This inspired Artemis to create two new modalities, AromaBliss Technique and the ParaSET Technique, as alternative journeys to the EECT.

Where EECT uses 14 essential oil blends and takes a couple of hours to perform, AromaBliss and ParaSET Technique each use 11 essential oils, and can be performed in as little as 45 to 60 minutes.

All of these techniques provide a gateway to people seeking emotional transformation, and because they each use a different combination of essential oils on different locations in the body, they help to target different aspects of our emotional and spiritual journey:

  • The EECT is a wonderful “all rounder” for any emotional challenge in our life.
  • AromaBliss Technique lifts us up into happiness and joy.
  • The ParaSET Technique resets the Parasympathetic nervous system and soothes and reconnects us, like receiving an Angelic hug.

AromaBliss Technique uses eleven of Young Living’s more unusual essential oils for emotional support, including Orange, Present Time, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Surrender, Stress Away, Awaken, Gratitude, Inner Child, Forgiveness, Harmony and Transformation.

The technique works on both the aura and the chakras (including the palm chakras), and involves some exquisite steps like:

  • Spritzing and cleansing the aura with oils
  • Working through the aura’s “circulatory” system to release a lifetime of hurts
  • Anointing specific “receptor” chakras in order to promote transformation and release

How can essential oils transform emotions?

The aromas of essential oils stimulate the limbic region of our brain (our subconscious), helping to unlock memories and their associated emotions. Like a Master facilitator, they work with an innate intelligence, guiding us into the areas we most need to explore for our own healing.

The limbic region of our brain is also the centre of our spiritual connection, so spiritual experiences and reconnections are also common during these techniques.

AromaBliss Technique uses essential oils and blends designed to energize the body’s natural energy field, and lift the receiver into a state of ultimate bliss.

What our students love about AromaBliss Technique…

Learn AromaBliss Technique

AromaBliss Technique and the ParaSET Technique are both taught as part of the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique course. This is run as a 7 day residential retreat. When it’s held in Byron Bay (our usual venue), you have the blessing of staying on-site in our 5 star mansion set amidst nature. In addition to check in and check out day, there are 5 full days of teaching, and a day of play.

Learning Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, AromaBliss and ParaSET Technique is a beautiful and intuitive way to help yourself, your loved ones and clients to reconnect with their inner self, and gently release issues that are causing emotional challenges. The shifts that can occur during these techniques are truly profound.

Whether you want to perform these exquisite techniques on your family and friends, or offer the techniques professionally, or whether you want to simply learn more about how to use therapeutic-grade essential oils, this course is a must.

And because this is a practitioner course (incorporating a written and practical assessment), at the successful completion of all the course material you are able to gain insurance cover for performing Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, AromaBliss Technique and the ParaSET Technique professionally.

That’s right – three modalities, for the price of one!

Head to Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique to find out more about this course, what you will learn, and how to obtain practitioner insurance cover for these three modalities.

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