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At Aromatica, we’re not your ordinary massage training college

Sure, we love massage. Who wouldn’t? But we know that most forms of massage are missing the “secret sauce” that transforms a great massage into a life-changing experience.

That’s where we love to play! And we do it really well!

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Why Essential Oils are our Secret Sauce

If you think essential oils are just a pretty smell – something you can use in a diffuser or in a relaxing massage or, think again!

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are vastly different to regular essential oils. They’re like… well, chalk and cheese.

The essential oils we use in all of our modalities are produced in a way that enables the complete frequency and intelligence of nature to end up in the bottle. This allows them to impact us in a profoundly “intelligent” way, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

And that’s why ALL of our unique modalities are built around essential oils.

Instead of using essential oils as the optional icing on the cake, they are in fact the main ingredient, and the massage and energy work become the support.

What sets us apart?

We lead, not follow

We teach and offer a range of unique modalities, based around essential oils. This is combined with a variety of massage, bodywork and energy techniques to give you the ultimate experience for mind, body and spirit.

We are holistic

Our course materials have been developed in house, by our founder or one of our master teachers. Our courses are comprehensive, acknowledging that we are all sentient Beings, and more than just a physical body. Our modalities therefore aim to benefit you not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We trust our body to heal itself

When we are in harmony within ourselves, health is the natural result. Many forms of physical disharmony have emotional triggers. But how do we access these? Smell is the answer – it’s our only sense that bypasses our conscious brain, and goes straight to the unconscious (where emotions and memory are stored).

We use therapeutic-grade essential oils

Our practitioners are trained in using therapeutic-grade essential oils, so they can select the perfect essential oil combos for your session. This supports you in having not only a darn good session, but one with the power to change your life.

Safety always comes first

Although therapeutic-grade essential oils come from nature, they are still powerful substances. In some situations, certain oils need to be avoided or used in smaller quantities. The use of detailed client intake forms combined with our practitioners’ extensive training means you are always in safe hands.

We know how to touch

You’re never a piece of meat on a table. One of the elements of our training is the power of conscious touch. There’s nothing like it! To be touched with reverence, love and respect will touch every fibre of your Being, and fill your cup till it’s overflowing.

What our students love about our courses

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Every great story starts with a big “Why”.

We are the world’s leading training provider for essential oil modalities. We create, promote and deliver innovative and holistic courses that emphasize the safe and effective use of essential oils.

We empower others to transform the lives of both people and animals. This is how we leave the world a better place!

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