The Origins of the Valor Balance


In my last blog I talked about the Valor Balance, which involves rubbing the oil blend Valor under each foot, and holding the feet for approximately 5 minutes, or until the energy in the feet feels balanced. This is the first step of not only Raindrop Technique, but also Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, ParaSET Technique, AromaBliss Technique and Aroma Stone Massage, as taught here at Aromatica.

Have you ever wondered why we start all these modalities with a Valor Balance? It’s because it allows our recipient to enter into an incredibly luscious state of deep relaxation and inner connection. This allows the next steps of bodywork or energy work to be so much more effective.

The Valor Balance was inspired by Gary Young’s visits to Egypt. Gary is the late founder of Young Living Essential Oils, the brand of essential oils that we use for all of our modalities. Gary visited the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae, and something very unusual happened while he was there.

One of the temple guards tapped him on the shoulder, and invited him into a sacred room of the temple where ancient rituals used to be performed. This was unusual for two reasons – firstly, this room was off-bounds not only to tourists, but even to locals. And secondly, this temple guard allowed Gary to film and photograph the hieroglyphs along the perimeter of the room.

The following year, Gary returned to the temple with his wife Mary. He sought out the temple guard who had helped him, and he asked him, “Why me?” Why had he singled Gary out of a crowd of tourists, and allowed him to venture into this room of hidden knowledge?


The guard simply pointed to the sky and said, “I was told!”.

Out of all the people who could have been singled out from that crowd, he was guided to invite someone who not only has a passion for essential oils, but who is a healer and visionary.

When Gary had the hieroglyphs interpreted at the University of Cairo, he discovered that they depicted a powerful anointing ritual using essential oils. This ritual was called “Cleansing the Flesh and Blood of Evil Deities”. It involved a recipient (either a Pharaoh, Priest or Priestess) lying on a stone table, with one priest standing at their head and the other at their feet.

The Egyptian ritual took 3 days and 3 nights, and the recipient would fast for this time, drinking only water. The essential oils took them on a powerful inner and spiritual journey, much like a vision quest, to allow them to combat their inner and outer demons.

This Egyptian ritual lies at the heart of our Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique (which has been adapted to take 2 to 3 hours, but which is still enormously powerful).

And it was this experience at the Temple of Isis which gave Gary the idea of anointing the feet with an essential oil at the start of a session (such as Raindrop Technique). If there’s a second giver, the shoulders can also be anointed. In practise, this helps balance the recipient’s energy even faster than working through the feet alone.

Because it’s not always financially practical to have two practitioners working on a client at the same time, a similar impact to having two givers can be achieved by the practitioner “tuning in to” other oils that may help their client, and anointing the body with one or two other oils during a Valor Balance.

This allows the client to come into a state of balance and inner presence even faster than with the use of the Valor oil blend alone.

If you would like to experience the wonders of a Valor balance for yourself, why not treat yourself to one of our essential oil modalities with our Aromatica practitioners?

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The Valor Balance – why we use it in all our modalities


The first step of virtually all of our modalities at Aromatica is the “Valor Balance”. Why do we start with this step? It’s because it sends the receiver into the most beautiful state of relaxation, much deeper than they’d achieve simply through lying there. The more relaxed they are, the more effective every other move is on their body and Spirit….because in that state of pure relaxation, they become much more able to receive. And when there’s that pure exchange of giving and receiving – well, that’s where miracles occur.

Performing a Valor Balance is extremely simple – it can even be taught to children. Here’s how we like to do it at Aromatica:

Place 3 drops of Valor oil blend into your right palm, and rub it three times clockwise under your recipient’s right foot. Then place 3 drops of Valor into your left palm, and rub it three times clockwise under your recipient’s left foot.

Then simply hold for 5 to 10 minutes, with your right palm under your recipient’s right foot, and your left palm under their left foot. If your recipient is face-up, that means your arms will be crossed over. If they are face-down, your arms are not crossed. Ideally you want your palms to have perfect contact with the arch of the feet.

When we say we hold for 5 to 10 minutes, that’s an approximation. Ideally, we want to hold until the energy of both feet feel even in both temperature and vibrations, and balanced. That can be as quick as 2 minutes, or it can extend to 10 minutes or longer.


Even if the energy balances very quickly, there’s no harm in continuing to hold. The longer we hold, the deeper our recipient sinks. That’s why we’ll usually hold a Valor Balance for at least 5 minutes.

Valor essential oil is a blend of essential oils that the Roman soldiers wore into battle. It helped to give them courage, confidence and self-esteem, so that they approached the battle knowing they were unbeatable. This makes sense, because Valor oil has the same frequency as our skeleton, so it instructs our skeleton to stand tall and strong, grounding and balancing us. We love to joke and call it the “Chiropractor in a bottle”, because of the way in which it inspires inner alignment.


Yet Valor oil is also our “rescue remedy” of essential oils. Its calming aroma helps to settle agitation, and is beautiful to use in the face of any emotional upset or trauma. In fact, if you’re able to see auras, you will see how Valor oil helps to rebalance the aura, smoothing out any hollows or dints, allowing a green light to emanate from the energy field in the area where the body is most in need of support.

Giving yourself a Valor Balance is a beautiful way to start every day, by grounding and balancing your own energy, helping you to feel unbeatable and unshakable like the Roman soldiers. It’s also a beautiful gift to give to children and loved ones at night, or in the wake of any emotional event. This 5 or 10 minutes that you spend with a child each evening is quality time that supports connection, love and safety, and which paves the way for them having a deliciously deep and relaxing sleep.


So regardless of whether a Valor Balance is a part of your every day, a way to express your love to someone you care about, or something you spoil yourself with when you have a treatment with one of our practitioners, know that it’s making a difference and creating a strong foundation for both giver and receiver. If you would like to experience the wonders of Valor oil for yourself, contact us and we’d love to help, or reach out to any of our practitioners.

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What’s the fuss about essential oil quality?


At Aromatica, all of our modalities involve the use of high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Essential oils are so much more than a pretty smell. They are potent compounds from a plant, which impact us (and our animals) physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Each essential oil comprises hundreds of natural plant compounds, which act in perfect synergy. They’ve evolved in the plant to help it fight disease and infection, deter animals from eating leaves, and to attract insects and other animals for pollination.

We call this combination of constituents the “fingerprint” of the essential oil. Most essential oils are produced to the standards set by the perfume industry. This ensures a beautiful aroma, but it’s not designed to capture the entire fingerprint of the essential oil.

To capture that entire fingerprint requires many additional steps, and it’s why we exclusively use the Young Living essential oils in all of our modalities.

After all, when you’re seeing one of our practitioners for a treatment, you deserve the best!

Young Living uses proprietary growing and distillation processes to ensure the complete fingerprint of the essential oil is captured in the bottle.


No chemicals are used at any point in the growing and distillation process, making their oils “beyond organic” in their standards. And every batch of essential oils is run through 15 state-of-the-art tests – 3 times before bottles, and 3 times after bottling. That’s 90 tests in total. The oil needs to pass these tests for it to be released for sale.

Naturally their essential oils are more expensive than other brands. There’s a lot more that goes into making them. But the quality is reflected in their results.

For example, Cypress oil (which is one of the oils used in Raindrop Technique), is typically distilled for 2 to 3 hours by other producers. But Young Living distils their Cypress oil for 24 hours, not 2 to 3. That’s because in the last 20 minutes of distillation, 18 key active constituents come out. If you distil for 23.5 hours, you miss these.

Who knows what magic and power these 18 additional constituents bring to our body?


It does mean that other brands can complete many batches of distillation of Cypress oil in the time that it takes Young Living to complete one batch….so it’s understandable that the Young Living essential oils will be a premium brand, aimed at people who want their essential oils to work with all the power that nature intended, and understand that you get what you pay for.

When you’re sourcing essential oils, you’re either buying for smell, or you’re buying for efficacy. And efficacy goes hand in hand with depth. So just like smelling a fine wine, when you smell a Young Living essential oil, you will find that it has a body and depth that’s unparalleled.…and that’s because it retains all these extra constituents by capturing the entire fingerprint of the essential oil in the plant.


So next time you’re thinking about buying essential oils or oil-infused products for home or business use, put Young Living on your radar. Any of our practitioners can assist you with setting up a wholesale account, or you’re welcome to contact us directly.

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